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Job Centers


Do you support candidates with barriers to employment? Lets Partner!


You have a very important job to do. We want to make it easier for you and give you outlets or the candidates you support.

Red Rover connects your candidates to interviews for real jobs that employers need to fill. When you entrust us with your candidates, you can be confident that we work on their behalf an prioritize their candidacy to the employer so that more of the people you work with get placed.


We bring you to the employers as our partner who can support the successful integration of the candidate into their workforce.

We also drive candidate traffic to your organization. We can help you fill training and development programs with candidates looking for specific skills that lead to careers with employers ready to hire them upon program completion.


If you are a government employment office or an organization that help groups that have barriers to employment, call us about partnership opportunities and let work together to create a healthier more diverse and inclusive workforce.

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