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Red Rover is the only recruitment agency dedicated to providing you with highly qualified diversity and inclusion candidates that come from a wide array of barriers to work.

We can help you:

Recruitment specialists focussed on employment training, development and wage subsidy programs

  • Fill your current jobs with great people

  • Manage diversity and inclusion hiring targets

  • Access a deep network of qualified candidates covering industry, academic, and employment center resources

  • Address chronic labor challenges and your unfilled jobs while reducing employee churn in high turnover positions

  • Brand yourself as a Magnet/Red Rover Diversity and Inclusion Partner and reap the benefits of socially responsible recruitment initiatives

Are you checking that every hire that you make is eligible for a wage subsidy or tax credit? And collecting those funds? Have you integrated the concept into your hiring activities?

In Ontario, there are over 40 Government funded programs that are designed to support the continued development of the workforce while addressing key factors that intersect business and society. These programs can help your organization

  • Create a more diverse workforce

  • Support skills development

  • Find and develop new talent for your industry to help you grow

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